Hey, we are FricanDuo

(Kind of like Fricking-Duo but AfricanDuo without the A 😉)

We are a Digital Design studio at the core of design, tech and culture.

We deliver Brand identity, Digital Product design as well as social engagement through events and workshops. We aspire to work on projects and research rooted in digital design, tech and development for African markets, while simultaneously fostering and elevating a community of designers!

Our Work

  • Event branding

    What if: Digital Africa


    The future of technology in Africa 🔥

    Born out of a need to reach out to a community of people interested in African design. We wanted the design to feel futuristic but to still maintain some of the African warmth. The event displayed some of the possibilities for design in Africa and the talent that are taking on the challenge.

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  • Product Design



    Your healthcare companion 🤝

    Suvera is a healthcare start up with a clear vision to enable the everyday individual to easily manage their health.

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  • Event branding



    Creating a space to talk and showcase diversity in the creative industry 🎨

    An event to get a pool of London youth from diverse backgrounds together with people from the creative industry to learn and discuss from each other. As a collaboration with Livity London we created planned and branded the event as well as curating an exhibition of African digital art.

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The duo

We specialise in creating dynamic processes supported by user research. We believe in collaboration and becoming part of your team.

Ryzard Akita

Digital Product Designer ·

Mariam Bagersh

Digital Brand Strategist ·

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