Hey, we are FricanDuo

(Kind of like Fricking-Duo but AfricanDuo without the A 😉)

We are a Digital Design studio that delivers Brand Identity and Digital Products, always approaching our projects with a human-centered mentality.

Our Work

  • Accessibility Product Design



    Creating a more accessible future 🗺️

    SociAbility is building an app to empower disabled people to explore their communities with confidence, ease and peace of mind by collecting and sharing detailed, reliable and accurate accessibility information for hospitality and retail venues.

  • Website Redesign



    A more vibrant approach to recruitment 🎉

    Beetroot is a web application trying to flip the employment model on its head. Allowing graduates to find jobs while also allowing them to be headhunted. The goal was to create a website to make it a simple accessible platform that will empower graduates.

  • Event branding

    What if: Digital Africa


    The future of technology in Africa 🔥

    Born out of a need to reach out to a community of people interested in African design. We wanted the design to feel futuristic but to still maintain some of the African warmth. The event displayed some of the possibilities for design in Africa and the talent that are taking on the challenge.

  • Product Design



    Your healthcare companion 🤝

    Suvera is a healthcare start up with a clear vision to enable the everyday individual to easily manage their health.

  • Event branding



    Creating a space to talk and showcase diversity in the creative industry 🎨

    An event to get a pool of London youth from diverse backgrounds together with people from the creative industry to learn and discuss from each other. As a collaboration with Livity London we created planned and branded the event as well as curating an exhibition of African digital art.

The duo

We are a multicultural duo passionate about diversity and inclusivity in design. Despite the serious tone, we really love a bit of banter (hover over our images if you don't believe us).

Ryzard Akita

Digital Product Designer ·

Mariam Bagersh

Digital Brand Strategist ·

Our flow

We specialise in creating bespoke services and building mutually beneficial relationships. We want to become part of your team and create something spectacular!

We make it part of our mission to get our clients to consider inclusivity and accessibility through their services.

Our process focuses on:
Research, Strategy, Design, Reflection & Iteration.

We're always excited to work on new projects, so we'd love to hear from you if you need anything design.


"It was an absolute pleasure to work with FricanDuo to redesign our mobile app. They jumped at the challenge to improve the user experience for disabled users and we're super happy with the final product and slick, modern designs. Would definitely recommend!"~ Matt Pierri · SociAbility

"Working with Ryzard and Mariam is so joyful - they are EXTRAORDINARY at what they do and they are a delight to work with"~ Alex Finlayson · Nye Health

"I was so impressed with the workshop Ryzard and Mariam put together. They have an uncanny ability to use their creativity to make a potentially boring topic very very interesting!"~ Aishat Ola-Said · Livity

"The workshop we did with Ryzard & Mariam was invaluable to our project. They facilitate a creative and fun environment that sparked inspiration & many ideas for the project ahead"~ Will Broome · Beetroot

"Mariam and Ryzard are a young, dynamic duo with some fantastic ideas and a fun, engaging style, who helped us channel our thoughts into insightful new marketing objectives for the business"~ Alice Curry · Lantana Publishing